Monday, November 7, 2016

Press Release for the upcoming event: Fetish Elite Toy Drive with Madame Margherite

LOS ANGELES, CA- November 7th, 2016 — Activist and Entrepreneur, Margherite Cermak, who focuses her efforts on Underprivileged Youth and Sexual Liberation is combining those two worlds with a program called Fetish Elite Five Drives, a series of themed events orchestrated by Cermak to bring people together in providing various needs to the community. Each drive is centered around a different mission and has a fun, fetish but family friendly related theme. 

Professionally, aside from her three companies, ItsMarg Productions, ItsMarg Marketing and ItsMarg Mentoring, she also serves as a Fetish Specialist, specializing in Role Play and Animal Play. Titled Madame Margherite, she helps adults explore unconventional aspects of sexuality while providing a safe space for people with uncommon desires known as fetishes. 

“These drives are a way of shedding light on the fact that the Fetish and BDSM community is simply made up of good people with unique perspectives and that it’s less about sex and more about expression”, she adds “why not use the opportunity to do some good for folks who need it most?” 

Margherite’s Fetish Elite Toy drive is just one of 5 that she’ll be hosting between December of 2016 and November 2017. For this particular event, she has joined forces with Toys For Tots and hopes to collect at least 100 new toys to gift to less fortunate children between the ages of 2 & 17 this holiday season, and raise around $3,000 to further support that mission. For entertainment purposes the event will have a Vikings theme and she’ll be hosting it as one of her many characters, Queen Scosha. The event will also feature people dressed as various animals ranging from Cheetahs & Monkeys to Griffins & Unicorns who will perform in “Animal Battles” that guests can bet on using their raffle tickets. 

“Adding an element of role play makes the event inviting for my playful fans” Margherite explains. “Just because the charity is for kids doesn’t mean us adults can’t have some fun”. Of course there won’t be any actual sex or violence, just some eccentric performances, costumes and make up. The Fetish Elite Toy Drive takes place on December 10th, 2016 at Garage Gallery in Downtown, Los Angeles from 8pm to 11pm, and includes open bar, gourmet food, music and entertainment. Bringing a toy to the event earns attendants a package of raffle tickets to use during the battles for a chance to win nifty prizes. 

Fetish Elite events intended to follow this one include a Clothing Drive taking place in February, a Health and Hygiene Drive in May, an Art and School Supply Drive in July in time for school starting and finally a Food Drive in October so that hungry people can eat this winter. Each event will follow a different theme, but all of them will include “Animal Battles” and will be hosted by a character played by Madame Margherite. Celebrity guests are expected to make appearances at some of the drives for photos and autographs as well. 

While these are all nobel intentions and causes, the prospect of these other drives happening at all depends on the success of this upcoming Toy Drive. The best way to support this cause is to purchase a ticket at by searching Fetish Elite Toy Drive and showing up with a new unwrapped toy for children any age above 2. Donations can also be made by visiting the EventBrite page for Fetish Elite; 100% of proceeds go towards the cause of each event. Margherite Cermak also encourages people to share the event on Facebook and Instagram and for anyone offering additional support such as sponsorships, donated raffle items, promotion or press you may reach out to her via email at Employment applications are welcome also. 

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fetish Elite Toy Drive Hosted by Madame Margherite as Vikings Queen Scosha...

The Fetish Elite Toy Drive is the first of five drives to be hosted by Madame Margherite over the course of the next five months. Her objective is to get the community involved in and comfortable with events focused on sexual liberation and the acceptance of unconventional fetishes and types of intimacy. Each of us have a strong desire to connect with like minded people and create intimate bonds between ourselves and others, it's nice to know there is a safe space for people who don't fall into the traditional categories that society would often like place us in. Just because a person seeking sexual liberation and inclusiveness is different then what most people are comfortable with, doesn't mean that they care any less about the tragic issues that burden our nation such as poverty, underprivileges, hunger and homelessness. Sticking together and displaying unity is the most effective way to prove to the world that we are important and it's the fastest way to make a difference in areas that need it most, so that's what we do. 

This first event is an animal role play party for a charitable cause. Fetish Elite has partnered up with Toys for Tots to collect holiday gifts for underprivileged kids this year. Madame Margherite will be hosting this event in character as Viking Queen Scosha and for our theme we'll be gathered in celebration of our most recent raid where following a hearty feast, exotic "Pets" from distant lands will be presented to her majesty to compete in a series of blood thirsty battles. Loyal subjects may bet on a winner using raffle tickets. The victorious creature will determine which raffle ticket bin is used to pick the raffle winners from. The pets competing in the arena will include a Vicious Monkey played by actor, Andres Rey Solorzano and will be competing against a Hysterical Hyena! But don't worry, there aren't any actual animals competing, just eccentric humans in makeup and animal costumes and there won't be any violence, just fun and games. 

Tickets include a feast complete with carnivourous and vegetarian options, open bar 21+, music & entertainment, and select tickets include a parking lot pass. To obtain a raffle ticket package at the door guests MUST bring either a NEW toy appropriate for children ages 2-17 or a cash donation not less than $20. Doors open at 7:30pm for early arrival and close at 11:00pm. The First 100 ticket purchasers will receive an exclusive Fetish Elite Gift Bag. From now until November 12th, tickets are selling at a discounted price of $60 for pre-sale general admission normally priced at $100, and $75 for pre-sale parking pass included admission regularly priced at $125. Donations can also be made for anyone who wishes to contribute but cannot attend. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite and will be on sale until the event is over. 

On the menu for this particular event will be a delicious array of hot gourmet treats and will be served banquet style. For vegetarians there will be Vegan Chili, Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Cayenne Pepper Corn, and Fresh Baked Bread. For everyone else, options include Herb Roasted Chicken, Savory Steak with Raspberry Horseradish Cream Sauce, and Garlic Shrimp with Celery. Juices, and soft drinks will be served all night while alcohol will be served between 8pm and 10pm to ensure everyone leaves sober enough to avoid trouble and accidents. Open bar choices will include Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, mixers, Beer, and Champagne.

Raffle giveaways will include things like adult toys and games, designer clothing, costume items, makeup, restaurant gift certificates, tickets to other Fetish Elite Five Drives, date night packages and gift cards to local stores and boutiques. Some gift baskets will be geared towards masculine folks and some towards feminine folks, but there will be something for everyone. 

Guests are encouraged to come as themselves or as a Vikings Character that they either created or are inspired by television, movies or other media. The night is intended to be creative and fun, so anyone age appropriate, 18 or older, with a good attitude will be welcomed with open arms. We anticipate it to be an incredible event.

Makeup and special effects will be courtesy of Rachel Nicole and costumes by Madame Margherite and Gabriel Haze. Special Guests **Andres Rey Solorzano as a Vicious Monkey** and celebrity guests to be announced. We hope to see you there. 

--Fetish Elite Five Drives Formation

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